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  1. I guess I could do that, I hated the drill that came in the kit (dcd771) and sold it on craigslist (bare tool) and replaced it with the dcd777 that I like a lot more.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies and Ideas. I've already got the tools so there is no going back and even though they are not the best they are actually overkill for what I use them plus I guess once you divide the 500 in to the 9 items plus the charger and batteries it comes out ok (I guess you get what you pay for)...Just a lot of projects in mind and can't wait to use my yellow tools.
  3. not sure I get the penny reference.
  4. Hi all, I've always been interested in power tools and diy projects and for a few years I stated buying Harbor freight tools and black and decker, Last year I decided to upgrade my tools when I saw the combo below during black Friday at 499.99. I thought all dewalt tools where pro-grade but now that I have been researching realized that I was wrong. I always thought Black and decker, Ryobi , Ridgid homeowner and dewalt , milwaukee , Makita, hilti and porter cable pro. And I realized that its much more complicated than that.. I know for a fact that the recip. saw does not have a movable shoe and the circ. saw has a metal base instead of the fancy one but are they the same insides? The only tool from this combo that I did not like was the drill which I upgraded (at least that what I think) to the new dcd777 entry level. would you consider this combo at 500 a good deal? Are the tools in this combo kit any good? or did they just paint the Black and decker tools yellow?
  5. I'm a diy'er and purchased this drill about a month ago to replace the dcd771(I hated it), and so far it has not disappointed...It did come with two 1.5 batts and a slow charger but I already have two 2.0 xr batts and a fast charger so not a huge deal. Actually now I have two chargers and four batteries for all my dewalt 20v tools... the dcd771 performed well for me but it was a bit too long and it actually looked like a .02
  6. I've never won anything in my life so any tool is welcomed....