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  1. . Banana for scale
  2. Lol I get it. So ya here it is, couldn't tell u how popular the system this tool works with, or where it's used elsewhere in the country: .. ..
  3. I've posted just about any specialty tools that I have so you would already know about them anyways....but there's one i'll grab in the morning to pick your brains on....
  4. Hilti's new radio: First glance thought they were milwaukee:
  5. Yeah, i never realized how sweet these were! Although it sounds like Ridgid's leave something to be desired, and Ryobi's is a monster, I might have considered going Makita's route if I knew how awesome they were when it came out then. As it is, Milwaukee is a marketing machine and will make sure anyone even living under a rock knows about their products..... I guess a drill will have to do meanwhile for ya!
  6. From what it sounds like: these Bosch Core batteries are the same as the Eneracer in Europe: ..
  7. Yes it was!! I have never seen that type of core drilling, even in the rental places around here. Probably proprietary...?? Dan did a periscope of it, thought it was so cool ..
  8. Kinda forgot about that one. They have other items that also run off standard batteries if you don't feel like buying the m12 packs
  9. Whenever I want to check into replacement parts on my Milwaukee tools, i go to their website and find a parts breakdown then call my service center for ordering: Well, i don't think this will help, it says the chuck is 1/2" But this is the second gen Fuel drill
  10. Comp, inside/internal pipe wrench, ridgid brand i believe How old is yours?
  11. Come your own conclusions, but I love it: ..
  12. Yep I saw you mug too! You get that tablesaw yet?
  13. Lol I was on imgur for two straight years I picked up a few strange things like that
  14. Saw that, yeah that was a surprise! It might be a good thing tho I wasn't surprised about the circ saw DeWalt being heavier, and that might be a good thing too
  15. Could we get something next to it for scale? Like a banana