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  1. Link is to YouTube, it's right there .
  2. Finally got some spare time squeezed in today for the roof rack... Carried the surge with my new half packs, popped it on my belt, really grateful not having that extra 10oz pulling my pants down haha . .
  3. Yup, same here.. I didn't know about him being a vet either for the longest time, was always into the Demo ranch channel. Now he's really ramping up his vlog channel, he's got the personality for it.. Plus he's really trying to learn some power tool stuff lol it kinda looks painful the way he goes about doing things, but he's figuring it out, props to him for not having that background and giving it a go anyway
  4. HAHA just saw that, the real dark side of milwaukee charger... I always like seeing how perfect factory crimps look, now you can do it too
  5. That's a great, simple, extremely effective feature to put in something like that and pay just a little extra over the dollar store variety that you need to have the cord just right for it to stand up, and being tethered like that is a huge pain when working on a large table with multiple users (ask me how I know lol)
  6. We've moved on, that user posted it then left, haven't replied to our questions so nup I'm glad you had something
  7. I made that comment in complete jest hehehe.... I'm happy with only having to handle engine oil when I change the oil in my vehicles and lawn mower, anything else is a research project lol
  8. LOL!!!! You have a bright future ahead of yourself.... A bright red future bbahahhhaha So the pre-fuel drills do not have a cooling fan? I know my fuel drills do, but I haven't used a brushed drill to know what they are like.
  9. .
  10. @Kato likes his. This just came up ..
  11. I just use the Ryobi power inflator myself for that test. The service line requires 90psi, which is a little much for the Ryobi, but it's rare we need to do that, usually the gas company takes care of that line. Pressurizing drain lines is also too much for the power inflator, so I can definitely see the appeal of this Ridgid compressor.
  12. So true, it's one pliers I'll grab for general stuff just for a quick check as a preliminary inspection going into a house before I bring my whole entourage in.... Speaking of knipex, @Bremon came across something interesting... . I know that battery... . .
  13. New hand tools, socket set: .. Hammers etc ..
  14. Same. I like the convenience factor of that clip for the hose, but it's never been a problem. The new model is out and available, the teapot looking one ha
  15. I watch Vet Ranch from time to time, thought it was cool seeing this haha Not for the squeamish!! ..