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  1. Are you talking about the mud or those bikini bottoms?
  2. It may void your warranty even if there is no modification to the battery because the battery is supposed to have electronics in it. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure there's a fair bit of modification you'll have to do to make it physically fit. Then you have to hope the pins are the same.
  3. Wow, thank god! I have a friend that managed to have safety glasses, the kind that seals against your face and has tiny holes on the side for air, he was cutting the wheel wells off his race truck...a tiny piece of metal flew through one of those holes and stuck in his eye! I wasn't there so I don't know how exactly it happened but I found out the next day. This guy is pretty accident prone, he's always getting hurt by freak accidents.
  4. Some Wera deals today:
  5. I personally like mine a lot. I use it for sawdust, metal shavings, pet hair and my dog's torn up toys(stuffing, torn fabric, shredded rope). It's great for quick jobs and using it as such actually gives you pretty good battery life.
  6. I agree, I don't understand how anyone can agree with everything on a party's agenda, that's basically a cult follower. I always try to look at things from an outside perspective, a personal bias is easier to overlook when you imagine it from a different point of view.
  7. I'll have to try the Chocolate but I have a thing for vanilla. Those breakfast smoothies are great, that one in particular has an awesome graham cracker-like finish on it. The peach is good too and I don't normally like peach. The Naked Sea Greens is very good juice that just came out.
  8. Congrats! Make sure you show off your work using it!
  9. They should definitely do that, Dewalt should too. They could make an adapter and kill the 40V batteries.
  10. Is that for a faucet? I think my Moen's tool is blue. Damn, I thought that bender worked the other way, which would create a larger radius like you'd use for tubing instead of a 90-degree break.
  11. I can confirm this. $300K is entry level for a house, no matter if it's tent...the cost is the land the house is on. My Dad was from Maui.
  12. Yes sir, CEM does it for a lot of brands. I don't have a list but if you see or hear a new brand with not cheap but reasonable priced meters, you have a pretty good chance it's CEM.
  13. I've used a large hex key tightened in the chuck and a dead blow hammer. It works well, no need to beat the crap out of it, just firm hits...normally it takes a couple.
  14. Did you see the picture of Lady Gaga one side was reposting? It was her wearing a shirt that said: "We hate Trump because he's a racist. You hate Obama because you're a racist" Absolutely infuriating people believe that half the country is racist. I also saw a popular tweet yesterday that implied that all men are rapists. I don't get why soo many people are soo vastly polarized, to soo many it seems there is no middle ground.
  15. CEM makes some if not all Extech meters too.