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  1. Probably not until the 20th or 21st, he's giving one week for everyone to respond. Don't get too anxious, your speculation might ruin the surprise!
  2. I cannot emphasis how good the Williams ratchets are for the money, smoothest ratchets I've ever used when you add some Superlube...This includes the old Kobalt Williams ratchets. They are strong but almost feel gearless smooth.
  3. They also "made" power tools and electronics. We had a JCPenny amp in the shop a few months ago, it was made by Fisher.
  4. Congrats, where ya been man? Hope all is well
  5. I like free stuff but everyone here wants to trade. I keep trading paper with old guy's faces on it for tools, seems odd trading paper for metal but it's working out thus far
  6. Check online first, some stores have it regular price some like mine were $5-9. Also it's limited stock and Lowe's has a real time stock tracer on their site. I could only pull it up by searching "Torin" Hopefully picking up another two 1/2" rails tomorrow.
  7. HowTF do you abandon that hound? Look at that face! I love the poncho, hahaa
  8. Wow, amazing shop man! It's soo clean, I'm super jealous!
  9. If I was starting from scratch instead of inheriting a workbench, I think I'd want to make a two-piece workbench, one half on wheels and one stationary, about 8 feet long. Currently I have a 8 foot long workbench and I'm constantly looking for something I can move to work on. Considered getting a toolbox with a wood top but I don't have room for it right now.
  10. Those Williams look like an absolute steal. I like Williams, even Taiwan made is great.
  11. Torin twist socket rails are on clearance at Lowe's so...
  12. I'm with Jimbo, not my thing. Reminds me of Native American topaz jewelry
  13. What a couple of beautiful dogs! I will ever only get dogs from the shelter, Mickie was also from the shelter. My only issue with the shelter is wanting to take too many home. After Sagan calms down a bit I might go and get another pup, he's done soo much to get me out of my deep depression after loosing Mickie. I think he deserves a dog of his own.
  14. It's an intake not exhaust, mostly seen on Jeeps.
  15. I hope this isn't offensive to you but I don't trust tools from India, the hand tools I've seen from India have had the softest metal I've ever seen. I'd be really weary of a power tool from India...that being said, it might work for your purpose but lack longevity, safety is something I would strongly consider.