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  1. I did the exact same thing. Several off the wall Facebook and forum posts too. Think I even posted here about it. Ordered all kinds of shit and had no idea until it showed up. I eventually had to go back every morning and double check myself. That side effect tapered off eventually though.
  2. I'm really only referring to their cordless stuff. For awhile when SBD got them, their cordless lineup was absolute garbage. It was seriously B&D level stuff. They improved them drastically when they put out the 20V line though.
  3. Damnit Rich! Now I want them both 😡
  4. I have a Ridgid chop saw that uses the abrasive wheels, but the cut quality leaves a little to be desired. @rrmccabe Are you talking about the chop style saw or the circular saw?
  5. I tend to agree that hindsight will be kind to the Flexvolt. I think time will prove it to be the smart play as opposed to simply going with higher amp hour batteries.
  6. @Bremon I get the logic, but probably 90% of the cuts I'd make with a potraband are cuts I'd be better off making with a stationary saw. Not to mention that this unit is roughly the same price as the Fuel saw kit price and even if I went the bare tool route, I'd still have more in it by the time I bought the stand. I'd end up paying more money for portability I didn't need and have less capacity to boot. @CATERPILLAR lube is a must, but to get an auto unit you have to be up in the $1000 range. I'll just have do it manually.
  7. There's lot of truth in this statement. Dewalt fucked around too long with the 20V conversion and Milwaukee had their timing right to capitalize. It's the exact reason I ended up going with Milwaukee. We had a Dewalt employee in here a few years ago that used to get all riled up when I'd say that, but it's the truth. Dewalt also got held up with the lawsuit over the nano base platform that further delayed their ability to get away from the previous Ni-Cad platform. I get it, they had way more market share to lose than anybody else and they treaded very carefully with the conversion, but in hindsight, they should have seen the writing on the wall. I'm really looking forward to seeing what hindsight will have to say about the flexvolt, say 3 years from now after all the marketing hoopla has faded and the brass tacks probably analyzed.
  8. Well, still no DSL, but Verizon is offering unlimited mobile plans again starting tomorrow, so that will eliminate the biggest part of the problem 👏
  9. Grizzly has a new model out. Similar in spec to the cheaper one, but this one runs about $100 more and is made in Taiwan instead of China. Being tax time and all, I may give this one a shot. It isn't in stock yet, but I don't need it immediately either. What do you guys think?
  10. Porter Cable kinda struggled to find it's niche in the SBD lineup. It started out bottom of the barrel quality, but has slowly worked it's way to the middle tier, which I think was always the intention.
  11. Pretty slick work Rich! When I'm not working, fiddling in my shop, or wrangling kids, I coach youth sports and make all the other wives jealous with my handyman abilities and movie star good looks. I guess that would make my hobbies coaching and breaking hearts 😂 But seriously, I don't have much time for hobbies
  12. Possibly a kitchen utensil? 🤔
  13. Built like a tank!
  14. I cleaned it up
  15. I like black with red accents