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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I picked up a diablo 7 1/4" non ferrous blade. I ended up not needing thoe. As I got to there one of the other guys said he had a Dewalt trex decking blade. We sort of looked at it like hmm this might work. With a extra piece we made a test cut. The first cuts were good. Later in the day the blade got dull. It then got really dull an left melted plastic on the side. The last 3 panels we beveled the edges with my angle grinder an wire brush. If we didn't remove the burr it would not of slid into the mounting channel. I would normally like to be confident in my tools an don't use dull blades. It was a volunteer job an the one volunteer had a extra blade laying around his garage. Didn't see the point in spending 50 bucks on a tight budget.
  2. I have to cut 1" hdpe bathroom partition panels. Will any plastics blade work or what's best? My current plan is just cutting with a circular saw, will probably use a straight edge as well. The finished edge quality doesn't need to be perfectly smooth, it won't be exposed.
  3. looks cool but to small for me. Perhaps not a bad size for light duty stuff thoe. I cant remember the exact models, but my work got 2 fronius machines last year. It was free on a trial basis. They were fine when they worked but lots of problems with reliability. The tig model always had computer issues an the mig one had feed issues. We pretty much told the represntive/dealer to move on.
  4. Thats what I would think. Ime not much of a car guy but it looks like it's worth something. They probably could of got 100 bucks at the salvage yard or something.
  5. Yeh it's pretty scary looking. There is two fences posts as the the tounge. Just looking at it I don't think it could go far like that. The back is also full of old car batteries an missing rear window.
  6. Today I was at cal ranch(farm supply) an saw this. I couldnt help but take a picture. Looks as if it was dumped there.
  7. Honestly I don't think the cost of a replacement cartridge an blade should matter. If I was a bussniess owner I don't see how you can afford to use a regular tablesaw. A injury at work can be very pricy. I mean not just do you have medical an insurance to deal with but there is possible legal fees. I know you can't prevent all injuries but if it reduces risk it's worth it.
  8. Here is also a pic of my new grinder an some tekton pliers I got.
  9. got these yesterday an also a 5" bosch angle grinder today.
  10. I myself have a rolair vt2big an it's great. I run my plasma cutter off it(not recommended) an it just keeps going. I know it's not what your asking about but I have high recommendations for rolair.
  11. Lastime I bought Bosch blades on sale. I rarely use my oscillating tool so it's not a issue very often. They do seem expensive thoe, especially if you use a lot.
  12. Yeh, I will probably end up getting it as a bare tool. I try not to get something unless I truly need it. However As often as I use my impacts it would be nice. Lugging around the bigger one is do able, but if I can go smaller/lighter I would like to.
  13. Millwakee fuel 1/2 impact wrench. Major time saver. Its really made me more efficent an that helps me make money. I have both the standard an bigger high tourque version. I probably use the standard one the most.
  14. What are your thoughts on tekton? Never gave tekton much thought untill a few months ago. I got three combo wrench sets in a Christmas party thing. Haven't used them much but so far so good. The finish is great an honestly polish is comparable to my proto an Sk sets. I don't know if the plating will hold up long term but at first no issues. Was looking at there pliers online an noticed some are USA made an half the cost of my similar Proto ones. Honeslty I think I need to give tekton more consideration in the future.
  15. Not the best deals but still not bad.