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  1. My local HD had avanti pro ten packs of general purpose 9" recip saw blades for 37 cents a pack. they were put out first thing this morning, as i was there. I bought all they had. Same ones i already have an there not bad. Not a diablo carbide or anything but there ok.
  2. That sucks someone else needed them more. I thought it was almost a gimmick untill I got my first pair of plier wrenches, last week. The week before or so I bought some other knipex tools an liked them as well. To me plier wrenches are one of those tools that aren't needed but it's nice to have. It's more of a convience thing depending upon what job your doing. I don't think they will ever replace a open end wrench or adjustable wrench.
  3. Congrats, I can't imigane the joy.
  4. I would not do that just cause the rpm saftey issue. It may work but could be extremely dangerous. also when it comes to metal saws the dust ports are different on metal saws so it could also be a issue.
  5. http://www.grizzly.com/products/3-pc-Pliers-Wrench-Set-7-10-and-12-/T25375?utm_campaign=zPage&utm_source=grizzly.com
  6. http://www.grizzly.com/products/3-pc-Pliers-Wrench-Set-7-10-and-12-/T25375?utm_campaign=zPage&utm_source=grizzly.com
  7. I own several Armstrong tools, there pretty good. I hate whenever a American brand goes under
  8. That's pretty cool but pretty dangerous as well.
  9. I bought a Proto set with 1/2 an 3/8 of both metric an sae. I wana say it was like 80 or 90 pieces. I also bought some extensions. They weren't cheap but good tools aren't cheap. They were still cheaper then buying a snap on set. I keep saying I am gonna get some unervisal joint ones as well, that hasn't happened thoe.
  10. Man that sucks I didn't really need it but at that price it wouldn't be bad to have.
  11. its a hard choice cause there's so many members I like. However everyone in the crew needs a impact so my vote goes to Nicholasshetley
  12. Proto or Sk, not much else.
  13. Pumping +1 Nothing special but still critical to modern infistructure
  14. First Wheaton, then Carol stream
  15. Born in suburbs of Chicago, now living in Utah