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  2. Ya ..Jimbo..I'm with ya on some of Ryobi tools....I had to jump into Ryobi for a cordless orbital sander and trim router ,one else had both at the time. Still Dewalt doesn't have em...being a Dewalt guy it's frustrating...but I do love Flexvolt....No power on my jobs ,so it's a generator or all cordless...I choose all cordless......I seriously contemplating jumping into rigid as a backup....if they keep ipumping out .."other" tools....
  3. Water, black coffee, unsweetened tea. Since I switched from beer to whiskey, it's been Coke Zero or, preferably, Coke Vanilla Zero and whatever bourbon or whiskey I have at hand.
  4. Those who know, know. Twenty-four hours of pure excitement...often stretched to a 28-hour or more day. Report to work at 0600 for accountability, shift starts at 0900, relieved 24 hours later only to have to report to someone to close out. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. In most units, it's an inconvenience; on the trail it's actually a break. Two days mostly away from trainees. No mommy/daddy games, watching 20-somethings cry, meting out corrective action, and occasionally actually training tomorrow's Army. Anyway, as I spent the day in mind-numbing boredom, alternating between starting Final Fantasy VI on my phone (and realizing that I first played the game the day it was released in '94, having played most re-releases as well since) and dreaming of a day when I can actually build/repair things regularly again, the relative peace was broken by the sound of a Bosch Brute demolition hammer. Contractors have been making some repairs to the building, and I'd seen the hammer earlier, but had no idea what it would be used for. A few hours later it was evident. I watched as the contractors removed some old HVAC equipment from the mechanical room located right next to the Staff Duty office. Nice and peaceful, watching the Caterpillar skid-steer load the obsolete system that likely predated my own initial training. Listening to the contractors use a Sawzall to cut old lines, seemingly having fun in their work. Little did I know about the slab. The demo hammer went in, and for the next three hours my world was jarred. I conducted checks earlier and looked in the mechanical room. The Brute is lodged in the slab, of which about 3/4 remains for my relief and (possibly) their relief to endure as it is removed. There are also a handful of well-used tools in there, which make my little-used DeWalt, unused (so far) Fuel tools, and even fairly well-used mechanics' tool look like pampered would-be's. In a little over 8 hours this shift is over, but the hammering will continue.
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  6. CEM makes some if not all Extech meters too.
  7. Picked this up today from a pawn shop. Still has the plastic on the screen...talked them down to $40 haha
  8. ...but you have to live in California.
  9. Link is to YouTube, it's right there .
  10. You guys want to bankrupt me. M12 and Knipex, seriously?
  11. Thanks. For reference here are some before motor pics Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  12. "... not rated for a vehicle..."
  13. I partially agree, buying only what is needed for the task at hand might be smart for some people--especially those on a tight budget. In a way, I almost wish I'd have switched to Ryobi... On the flip side, if you are like me and hate not having the right tool for the job, it doesn't hurt to spend more for more right now. More money, yes, but also more power, more features, and often more run time or watt-hours. Ryobi, Porter Cable, and other DIY brands top out at 4 Ah batteries, while DeWalt and Milwaukee both offer 9 Ah options. Not to mention, buying smart (in the US, combing Home Depot after holiday sales can usually result in outstanding deals, and clearance deals are occasionally found) whether you need something or not can help build an impressive array of cordless tools for much less than retail price.
  14. Dick and nipple loppers.
  15. Just don't manscape with it.
  16. That is awesome. Just to be clear i'm not a die hard lions fan. How many people still think Millen is running the team. Jimbo that is classic. Send me the link to that video if you would please.
  17. Finally got some spare time squeezed in today for the roof rack... Carried the surge with my new half packs, popped it on my belt, really grateful not having that extra 10oz pulling my pants down haha . .
  18. Yup, same here.. I didn't know about him being a vet either for the longest time, was always into the Demo ranch channel. Now he's really ramping up his vlog channel, he's got the personality for it.. Plus he's really trying to learn some power tool stuff lol it kinda looks painful the way he goes about doing things, but he's figuring it out, props to him for not having that background and giving it a go anyway
  19. True, but I still prefer menards lumber, they have a better selection and more variety of species Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Almost these rich, love following this project Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Big combos aren't always the most valued, yea you get a bunch of tools but they are not always the higher end if that's what your looking for and you usually only get two batteries, what good is that for 6 tools? I would try to be patient and start with a drill and impact kit and work your way into the line Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. If only I lived in south cali lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Beautiful plane there, really are great tools to have, beauty in it self Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. It's 30 bucks Jimbo, it wasn't too hard of a decision to buy it. After using it, there's no doubt it was well worth the money...more than worth it.
  25. Yeah the crimping for the 40 amp hose heat I have at work is pretty...basic. Some ferrules, a little block, some set screws and some loctite lol. Nothing as smooth looking as this.
  26. don't forget Canada we pay dearly for some stuff too.......
  27. I've heard rumors of this in the RIDGID branding, they've been going crazy with their tools, too bad you boys down under pay an arm and a dick for tools Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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