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  2. I like being able to have a set speed for drilling metal, I don't have to feather the trigger. Also when I use the black iron megapress prep tool that cleans the ends of the pipe and chamfers it. Speed control is most useful to me in the sawzall when cutting metal, really like that part. Also really like the auto brake
  3. So this will either help you with doing them yourself, or persuade you that you might want it installed by the pros, not sure how it's going to affect you now, but happy to help!!
  4. From july 2016 ..Mounted with some wedge anchors: .. Level! ... Drill a hole through the interior wall, the old old insulation stuff, like rabbit pellets .. I've got a long drill bit to locate the exact point on the exterior wall .. This is the time to find out if your house has insulation or not lol .. ,, Use these anchors for the spots you dont have studs to secure to: .. installing Linehide .. This works well: .. Torque wrench on the flare nuts .. Micron gauge getting down there: Ignore the refrigerant type, that doesn't affect this part of the work. .. The gutter downspout running right in our way makes my eye twitch... . Up and running: .. .
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  6. Oh no, he's got nothing on @77Ford LOL It is true about the regular visits, but man it takes a lot of time out of your day and patience.. I just happened to luck out stopping by the closest HD just out of the blue, and there sat the new M18 seachlights for $30 off each, so I made a quick phone call to my boss to see if he was interested... Long story short, i grabbed all three for $70 each That's the best i've come across just by happenstance .. i'm not a hardcore deal hunter, just don't dedicate enough time to it
  7. For removal of the aerator. Here's one i'm going to need help on: ..
  8. Although I'm sure there is that market, it's not a market I'm interested in even if it would be really cool.
  9. If you're serious about this, you need to follow their directions. You can flare the lines and do all that, oil the flare nuts threads with refrigerant oil, then torque the flare nuts properly according to the directions. Then apply 400 psi nitrogen to the system to hold for several hours. Then evacuate the system, break it with nitrogen three times and one final evacuation to hold below 500 microns for 20 minutes
  10. Wow that is some fucked up shit This is why I hate dealing with service centers sometimes they seem to take forever, and all they really want to do is screw you out of a warranty claim and charge you for the repair
  11. We do A LOT of these Mitsubishis and love them, we've done other brands here and there on request of a certain contract, but they are very impressive if you get the HyperHeat units. You will not regret getting Mitsubishi minisplits, couple guys are going out to Illinois on a government contract next week to install a dozen of these units. I'm sorry i can't price you on these, I've helped on quite a few, but i'm mainly plumbing, of course. Here's one of 7 that we're putting in some apartments, they are leaving the brick revealed and wanted them mounted directly to the brick .. f And this is how they wanted the drains to look: You may have noticed in the above pic, the drain (white tube) is hanging out in front, and not going outside the wall. It's because this place is sandwiched between two other buildings and everything has to be run inside. they are going for an exposed, industrial look . Here's a unit we put in a home gym: .. And how about running the lines through the sharp metal siding? Splice some rubber hose: . .. ,.. You notice the white channel, it looks like a downspout? Line hide or speedi channel it's called, looks very nice..
  12. That would need a side handle then lol
  13. Update: Sad to say it did not go smoothly with this particular service center First I was a bit insulted they think i wouldn't mind a different replacement part that came with the wrench (see above post) as though it would't make any difference to me. Secondly, between the last post and this one, there has been zero communication from them, in fact, the last thing was a voicemail on Dec 27th regarding using an e-clip for my wrench. I did call them back that day, though explaining that repair wasn't sufficient. The service center also said in the voicemail they wouldn't charge to do the repair (Thank you, Ridgid lifetime warranty) Having not heard from them since, i decided this morning to got there and just get my unfinished wrench and just leave it at that, be civil, but take my business elsewhere. The third strike is they completed the repair without having contacted me first about the cost, the covered warranty or any details before they did the work. I walked in there expected there was no work done on the wrench, having not heard anything from this place yet, so i was very surprised it was repaired. The invoice was dated Jan 10th, at the time the repair was made, and they hadn't called me yet!! Fourth thing was they reneged on their previous promise and said I was due the repair cost, which was $27!! The wrench costs $25!! Are. You. Kidding. Me? Did it not cross anyone's mind to check the value of a tool before looking into the repair? Besides, this is a warranty, does not compute, I do not think they went about this in a professional or thoughtful manner. I brought these details to their attention and they grudgingly accepted, and were a bit argumentative about this too! I kept my tone level and stated the facts, nobody gets anywhere then name calling or yelling ensues. To me, this was strictly business, and holding them accountable on their word. This was nothing personal, i'm sure they have a loving family they go home to at night and are respected individuals in their family's eyes. This whole ordeal was over in a matter of a couple minutes, I walked out with my wrench and that was it, no drama.
  14. it connects to a compressor?
  15. maybe it will be a 1" impact wrench compete with the 1" impact wrench market?
  16. Beautiful work Rich, looks fantastic.
  17. Looks great. I've been hankering for a tool cabinet the past 24 hrs. Doesn't help I just purchased another plane online today and hoping for another one tomorrow. Need a good place to put these! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  18. Looks good. I wish I had room for one of those. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  19. Finding mixed reviews... Not for him: ..
  20. I will say I had the typical 6.5hp shop vac with a dust deputy and was running it to my table saw hose was 2.5" increased to the 4" port on table saw.......while I was changing everything over I looked in the bottom of table saw and there was obviously some saw dust built up in the far corners. When I ran this new set up it cleaned it all up. then again I went from 2.5" hose @185 CFM to 5" hose reduced to 4" hose @1200+CFM with the separator I filled 2 5 gallon pails of saw dust to test and the new dust collector catch bag (the clear see thru bag) had next to nothing in it so in saying that I would guess 98%+ was caught in the separator like it was suppose to. This is good news as I have a window right next to the collector and in the summer months I will pipe it directly outside by passing the filter completely the window is right against a rock garden with some shrubs and stuff so having a pipe go into the little garden no one will even see it. I would do this all year but I don't want to have make up warm air but summer I won't mind to have it cooler the shop will be really clean if everything is gone outside......
  21. it fits perfect on a 55 gallon drum
  22. Anyone have experience with getting these things installed? I had a HVAC guy take a look today and while I'm waiting for him to build an estimate I was wondering if anyone had experiences with them? I have a 100 y/o Victorian with gas furnace running hot water and no ductwork so the ductless systems seem like a no brainer and super efficient. The guy I spoke to uses Mitsubishi which I was leaning towards anyway but researching costs on these things online is a major PITA. My house is a two family and I'm only doing my first floor 2 BR apartment which is about 1200 ft^2. I'm looking at 4 possibly 5 rooms to have units (two bedrooms, the kitchen and a large converted porch living room - the dining room is centrally located and doesn't need one absolutely). Looking at the costs of the hardware it doesn't look crazy expensive ($4-6k) and the install looks straightforward (power to the box and run the lines drill holes and mount the units on the intererior walls). The tech said it's probabably a 2-3 day job all in. Any experiences would be appreciated; I hate having no frame of reference for having jobs done. I'm half tempted to do it myself but these things seem better to have pros do them for warranty and reliability issues imho.
  23. @rrmccabe I guess you could call it that do you mean this or above that? if so it is the blower from dust collector connected directly
  24. @chrisk stock is 66DB however it seems to be quieter by adding the separator and no hose between that and the blower.
  25. I'm just lurking here enjoying the progress....😊😊
  26. Rare earth magnets. I get as much use playing with them as using them. They get used for shop stuff.
  27. What is the unit on the barrel? Is that some sore of Thien baffle or something?
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