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  2. My local HD had avanti pro ten packs of general purpose 9" recip saw blades for 37 cents a pack. they were put out first thing this morning, as i was there. I bought all they had. Same ones i already have an there not bad. Not a diablo carbide or anything but there ok.
  3. Cable Union
  4. I am guessing some type of cable stripper but have no idea beyond that.
  5. I have no first hand experience with this model however I have the DCD780, DCD985, and DCD791 ALL the chucks work flawlessly, however my uncle has a DCD790 and it won't hold a drill bit for more than a few holes without the bit falling out. Have your friend run 20-30 holes with it to ensure a good lock on the chuck. My experience with DeWalt Impacts is nothing but positive going back around 10 years with their first Li-ion 18v model to currently owning 2 DCF887s and a DCF886.....
  6. Just noticed there was an automotive forum here In 2006 I bought a new Trailblazer SS for a "work vehicle". These were SUVs that GM stuffed a 395 HP LS2 Corvette motor in. They had special wheels, bumpers, suspension, interior and other misc items. Seemed pretty fast at the time but before it had 1200 miles on the odometer I had it custom tuned, installed E-fans, under-drive pulley and custom 4" intake. That was fun for about a year and then it got a mild stall converter and slightly upgraded transmission and a more aggressive tune. Along the way there was a camshaft swap, forged rods and pistons, a larger stall converter, RPM stage VI transmission and nitrous. That was good enough for the next 8 years and then I decided to freshen things up cosmetically and with a new 408 stroker motor. So a year ago I jerked the motor out, repainted the frame, inner fenders, firewall and cleaned everything up cosmetically. Had Texas Speed build a 650HP stroker motor and installed that. Added a carbon fiber hood, custom real valance that would allow dual quad tip exhaust and a few other things. It now has about 34,000 miles on it but only sees about 3000 miles a year during the summer months. Its AWD and first time on the dyno put almost 500hp to all 4 wheels without the nitrous. I expect it to make about 750HP to the wheels when I "flip the switch". Maybe more. Inside it has custom racing pedals, pillar column with air/fuel, fuel pressure and nitrous pressure gauges and a 900 watt Avic/JL Audio sound system. Probably the most fun thing about it is that most people dont expect it.
  7. It can be fixed when you are rippinglength wise. It also can be used without the blade fixed. The motor/ blade is able to rotate 180 degrees
  8. Banana anti theft device Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Amazon will answer all of your problems...
  10. Banana clamp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. . Banana for scale
  12. Lol I get it. So ya here it is, couldn't tell u how popular the system this tool works with, or where it's used elsewhere in the country: .. ..
  13. I've never had to back it off to switch it, it was always just stiff enough that it would skip from 1 to 3 and vice-versa because you'd have to push on the switch so hard. After a little use it broke in a bit and now it switches like a dream.
  14. The switch is a non-issue, in my opinion. Does anyone here who actually uses the 996 have problems with it? Mine was a bit clunky at first, but after a couple days of of solid work with it, smooth like butter.
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  16. The folding panel light.
  17. Oddly enough, I dropped my iPhone 4 too many times to count, and it never cracked! I also never replaced it due to major failures. Just finally got slow, and the battery said no mas. But I've been through 3x 5's, and I'm on my 3rd 6! Look at them wrong and they bend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  18. I bet Saul goodman was pissed he had to get you new burners all the time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. You should get another Cat s60 and use the thermal imager to see if it's losing any heat now! [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. How tempted were you to put on Slayer, and crush your truck.
  21. They are, but being that I work outside, or in non heated spaces most of the time, it really has been worth every penny! The standard m12 power source isn't horrible, but try and put on a suspender rig, and you'll spend a minute trying to adjust it so it happens to clear your belt, and straps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. This one I have seen on some reviews. It's an irritating issue but doesn't hamper the performance I think, so maybe I can live with it. Any known issues with the chuck? Also is there some testing that I can ask my friend to do so as to determine the tools are in perfect working condition.
  23. The switch sometimes sticks on the 996, sometimes to go from 2-1 you need to go up to 3 down to 1 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. There is a known issue with the battery fuel gauges especialy with 2013-2014 versions where the would fail to display the correct charge remaining but the packs still work fine but it appears that is solved, unfortunatly there is no why to know until it happens.
  25. Thanks mate. I'm just curious when I read this. I never used a old radial saws but had the impression that the saw would be fixed when working. So does it mean only if the worker holds the timber too tight, it could then pull the worker towards the blade on kickback?
  26. Hahaha thanks for the response guys. Appreciate the jokes too.
  27. Welcome to the crew Ruby!
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