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Bosch Battery – The New 18V 6Ah Battery is Here

Are you using Bosch tools?  If so this is great news for you.  The new Bosch battery is available.  So what is so special about this battery?  Well Bosch increased the amps to their 18V battery.  The new battery is now 6Ah.  So what does this means?  Well let’s look at it this way.  Voltage is the size of your gas tank, amp hours is the amount of gas in your tank.  So this means you can do more work with your 18V battery.  Best of all, the size of the battery is the same as their previous version....

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Metabo Event

Today, which is Sept 20 and tomorrow the 21, we will be at the Metabo Event.  We attend a bunch of events throughout the year, but I am pretty excited about seeing the new stuff from Metabo, which we will be posting on our Social Network sites like Facebook and...

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Makita 18V Battery – 6Ah Battery to run the largest 18V line

Makita has the largest line of 18V tools available.  With that said, it only makes sense to have one of the best performing batteries with their new 18V 6 Ah battery.  The model number for this new battery is BL 1860B.  So what is amps and what does the 6Ah battery mean?  Think of it this way.  The volts are the size of your gas tank and the amps are how much gas is in the tank.  So a 6Ah battery has more gas than the 5Ah battery.  Get this, even though the amps increased, the size and weight...

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Wait, Did You Just Say 10% Off TIAGear Stuff?

Are you sitting down?  We have big news so please make sure we have your attention and there is nothing around you when we tell you this big news.  Well if you read the title, I guess you already know that for a limited time we are offering 10% off everything at  Yes, all that cool gear you have been wanting to get is now within reach. Imagine walking into a store and everyone turning their head and looking at you.  Everyone will be jealous and wish they could be as cool as you.  You might even get...

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Klein Tools is Searching for the Electrician of the Year – Is it You?

It’s that time of year again when Klein tools searches for their electrician of the year.  Last year they gave away a custom aluminum FORD F150.  This year they are giving away a tool package worth over $25,000 dollars. You get $2,500 worth of tools a year for 10 years!  You will always have the latest and greatest!  Fans will also get to vote in their pick for 6 regional winners.  We like Klein tools because they make a lot of tools right here in the USA and have some of the best quality tools you can get.  For...

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