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Milwaukee Inspection Camera – M12 M-Spector Flex 2317

You probably know that Milwaukee Tool has a couple different inspection cameras available.  In fact we reviewed the 2314 back in 2014.  The 2314 is a great camera and for the price, it’s hard to beat.  An inspection camera is good for all most any professional tradesman.  It’s useful for plumbers, inspectors, electricians, HVAC and the list goes on.  However for a camera to be truly useful, you need a quality camera, that has a great image so you know what you are looking at and it has to be easy to move around in tight areas.  So that...

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Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review

Are you a plumber or someone who needs to transfer water, quickly and without a cord?  If so you may be happy to hear about the Milwaukee transfer pump.  As you know Milwaukee has a huge line of power tools.  Their 18V line is one of the biggest on the market and I don’t see them slowing down.  When Milwaukee makes tools, it’s not always about how many we can sell.  Instead, it’s about what problem is the professional having and how can we solve it.  Even if it’s a small niche market, Milwaukee isn’t afraid to try something...

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Wagner Ferno 750 Heat Gun

Wagner is known for their painting solutions.  In fact, we have tested some of their products in the past such as the Wagner Flexio 990 and the Wagner Power Painter Max and found them to be great solutions for the homeowner.  Now I know they do have some products for the professional, but we have only tested the homeowner sprayers.  Any homeowner looking to make their life a little easier, should take a look at Wagner.  As for myself, I hate painting.  I can think of a thousand other things I would rather do.  While I still don’t like painting...

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Viking 2200 EX Stackable Centrifugal Air Mover & Carpet Dryer

Before I get started and tell you about the Viking 2200 air mover, I want to clear something up that may be confusing.  You may see this air mover branded under the name Viking and/or Maradyne.  They are the same product, just different names.  The other item I want to clear up is fan vs air movement.  You will probably hear me say fan, but this machine is not a fan.  This is an air mover which has a higher velocity and some other differences. Okay, now that I got those items out of the way, let’s talk about...

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Milwaukee 2470 Plastic Pipe Shear – The M12 Solution

This is a tool that has been out for a while.  As you know Milwaukee has one of the largest 12V lines.  Not only do they offer a large line, but this line has a ton of specialty tools for a variety of different trades.  Milwaukee looked around and saw a need for an easy way to cut plastic pipe, so they designed the Milwaukee 2470, which will cut through plastic pipe. Do you cut PVC, CPVC, PEX Tubing, BlazeMaster, ABS, Non-Metallic Conduit, and Rubber Hose on a daily basis?  If so, there is a whole new way to get the...

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