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Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Batteries Review

This power tool review is for the Milwaukee V28 Batteries.  These batteries are part of the Milwaukee combo kit 0928-29.  If you are looking for just the V28 battery, the model cat no is 48-11-2830. Milwaukee V28 is a Lithium Ion battery. These have the new battery technology that has been introduced in recent years for a variety of uses.  You can read more about the Lithium battery on our battery page.  Most people look at a battery and see a battery, but when you buy a cordless power tool kit, a battery is an important factor.  Besides just comparing one volt to another volt, even though that should be the major factor, you also want to look at the battery closer and that’s what we did with the Milwaukee V28 battery. The first item we noticed was the weight, very light as with all Lithium batteries.  The weight of this battery is 2.43lbs, compared to the Craftsman 19.2V, which weighted 2.01lbs.  So you are getting more power and a longer run time for only a little more added weight.  We expected this, so not surprising, but it is a big factor and plus for Lithium batteries. When looking at and using the Milwaukee V28 battery, there were three key items that caught our eye that made this a great battery.  Besides the run time, durability, and power, we...

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Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Charger Review

  This is the power tool review for the Milwaukee battery charger.  The charger came in the V28 Combo kit model number 0928-29.   The charger model number for just the charger is 48-59-2818.  The over all dimensions of this charger are 5.75″W x 7.75″ L x 3.25″ T.  We didn’t time the charger, but Milwaukee states this universal charger will charge Lithium batteries in less than an hour and NiCad in less than 40 minutes. We know it’s just a charger, but when Milwaukee built this charger they really did put thought and effort into this design and thought of everything we would want.  First and probably the most important is this charger will also work on your older tools.  While most manufacturers inlcude a charger designed only for the combo kit your bought, the Milwaukee charger will not only charge the V28 LIthium Batteries, but also their 18 Lithium line and their 18V Nicad line.  This will help free up some room on your work bench, which always helps.  Speaking of freeing up some room, Milwaukee also designed this charger so the batteries will lie in the charger on an angle instead of stright up and down.  This means you can hang this charger on the wall to make more room on your work bench.  Milwaukee even thought of this and on the back they have slots that...

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Milwaukee Contractor Bag Review

This review is for the Milwaukee contractor’s bag that came in the V28 Combo kit model number 0928-29.  You can also buy this tool bag separately which is model number 48-55-3530.  When first looking at the bag you will notice that it is rather large, which is good.  The dimensions are 24.5″ L x 13″ W x 14″ H.  This bag is made out of 600 denier material, so it is water resistant, not water proof which you don’t want for power tool storage.  Never buy an tool bag that is water proof, because your tools will not be able to breath.  If your tools can not breath, the moisture will eat away at your tools. One aspect we liked a lot was all the pockets.  On the outside there are plenty of pockets to store hand tools for easy access.  The outside also has two hand straps to carry the bag or one large shoulder strap.  Once you open the Milwaukee contractor bag, you will notice the large amount of room that fits the Combo, with room left over for other items.  On the inside of the tool bag, there are even more pockets to store items.  This is a nice feature, now instead of all your tools at the bottom of the bag, you can easily access them.  With all the tools from the kit plus any additional...

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Milwaukee V28 Combo Kit 0928-29 Review

In January 2005 Milwaukee was bought out by Techtronic Industries, you can see our article here.  This buyout happened over 3 years ago.  We figured we gave them enough time to cycle their tools through their sales channels and replenish them with the new tools under the new company.  So we wanted to run the tools through a new set of power tool tests and see if their quality has changed.    This article will cover whats in the package and give a quick overview of each power tool.  In the upcoming power tool reviews we will cover each Milwaukee V28 in more detail. You can see our other reviews as they come out here under our power tool review section. The Milwaukee V28 combo kit comes with a nice assortment of professional power tools.  Below we listed the power tools that come in Milwaukee’s V28 Combo kit. Hammer Drill– 1/2″ (0724-20)  When we first picked up the Milwaukee Hammer Drill, we noticed this drill had great balance with the chuck and battery.  This is very important so as your hand and arm won’t have fatigue half way through the day.  The chuck is nice, as is usually the case with professional power tools.  It has Carbide jaws with a lock to keep the bits in place.  Milwaukee states this drill has an impressive 600lbs. of torque.  The no...

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Milwaukee Introduced New M18 Line

Milwaukee announced their new power tool line of 18V called the M18.  Some of the new tools are the: M18 Sawzall – 2620-22 M18 Circular Saw – 2630-22 M18 Impact Driver – 2650-22 M18 Hammer Drill – 2611 M18 Drill/Driver – 2610 M18 Work Light – 49-24-0171 These are all powered by Milwaukee’s 18V Lithium Ion Batteries. Here are a couple key points about each tool. The saw has a 3,500 motor.  A little slower than we would like to see, but will still cut some serious materials. The Milwaukee hammer drill can produce 650lbs. of torque which is more than their 28V, pretty impressive. The Milwaukee M18 Work Light has a head that will rotate 135 degrees. The impact driver looks like it has an LED light on it, not sure if this will be good or more of a distraction. Overall the new line looks pretty cool. This new line of Milwaukee M18 power tools looks to compete with the other 18V Lithium Ion tool manufactures out there.  We hope too test these tools in the near future....

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