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Bosch Hammer Drill HDH183 and Drill Driver DDH183

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Bosch.  In fact, people have accused me of being a Bosch fanboy.  I am not really sure how to answer that.  When a company makes great products, how can you not appreciate their products?  I have been using Bosch ever since 1991 and have never had any issues with their products.  We have been beating them over the years and they last.  A buddy of mine leaves his drill in the bed of his truck.  Doesn’t matter if it rains or snows, he...

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Milwaukee Cut Out Tool – M18 Power 2627

Another new addition to Milwaukee’s huge line up of 18 volt tools, the Milwaukee Cut Out Tool.  As you probably know, cut out tools are a huge time saver.  No more getting your drywall knife out and having to cut around a box or door.  Instead you can use a cut out tool to make quick work and move on to your next sheet of rock.  A cut out tool is probably the most used tool by a drywaller.  Yes, they use a drywall gun just as much, but as you will see soon, Milwaukee has that also.  Milwaukee...

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FLIR DM284 – More than just a multimeter

A multimeter has a ton of uses and everyone should have one.  They allow you to diagnose almost any electrical problem.  FLIR the leader in thermal imaging wanted to make the multimeter even better.  They added what is called IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement).  Not only did it make the multimeter better, but it opened up a whole new world of troubleshooting features.  Now you can see the problem in an instant then directly probe that area saving time which saves money.  The thermal imager can also see moisture, it usually shows up as a dark blue on most applications.  This...

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Bradly BMP21-PLUS Label Printer

I am an organizational freak.  If something is out of place, I am lost.  Which is funny because Dan and I are complete opposites.  Just look at our garages and you will see what I mean.  However, when it comes to label makers, we are both in the same boat.  We want something that is easy, tough and allows us to put labels on our tool box drawers. Recently we discovered a company called Bradly, which obviously they make label makers.  We saw one that caught our eye, the BMP21-Plus.  The label maker looked tough and looked like it...

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Milwaukee Tool Long Tapes

Milwaukee has had tape measures out for a couple of years, so measuring isn’t new to Milwaukee. However, they recently came out with some long tapes which I know people have been waiting for.  It’s great to have a nice tape measure, but there are times when we just need to measure something in great length where an LDM might not be a fit.  So Milwaukee came out with a couple new long tapes, the Milwaukee 100Ft Closed Reel Long Tape 48-22-5101 and the Milwaukee 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape48-22-5201. Milwaukee Tool 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape 48-22-5201 For most of...

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