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FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

FLIR is a big time player in the test and measurement industry.  They are known especially for their innovative thermal imaging technology and are used worldwide in all sorts of critical applications.  They have put a new twist on the clamp meter.  They have added a thermal imaging sensor to it, called Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM).  What it does is allow the technician to pinpoint a problem by using thermal heat imaging.  Generally something that is warm or hotter than its surroundings can indicate an issue.   Instead of probing you can now see the problem real time and use...

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Dewalt Lasers – Christmas in a 12V

If you have been following us for a while, you already know the Bosch GLL-80 is my favorite laser (See our revisit of the Bosch Laser).  I love the laser because it’s not only durable, but practical.  The Bosch has the capability to project a line laser 360° in a horizontal and vertical direction.  Well Dewalt came out with their new Dewalt lasers and we had a chance to take a look at all four models. Dewalt Lasers DW089LG – 12v MAX* 3 x 360 Green Line Laser – Retail Price $549 DW088LG – 12v MAX*Green Cross Line Laser – Retail...

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Bosch Introduces Two New Levels

Bosch introduced a couple new levels.  The Bosch GIM 60 24 in. Digital Level and GIM 120 48 in. Digital Level.  As you know levels play a vital role on any job site.  They not only make our lives easier, but they help us produce a quality finish project, well if you have a quality level.  Just image if the builders of the leaning tower of pisa had a level.  Maybe it would have been built a little straighter, of course maybe it wouldn’t have been such an icon.  Yes, I know it wasn’t built that way, it was more of...

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Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

Hilti is known for a lot of top notch quality tools.  Tools that are designed to be in some of the most abusive work sites in the world.  When Hilti designed the PR 30-HVS rotating laser, they put the same toughness into this tool.  There are certain job sites where you need a rotating laser, but we all know that most of these lasers are more delicate than our wife’s favorite vase.  Well, Hilti put a stop to that and said not anymore.  They built a premium laser that is not only extremely accurate, but extremely tough. We have...

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Bosch GLM 35 & 40 Distance Measurement Tool

Bosch is known for a lot of innovative and useful tools.  One thing they are not only known for, but respected for are their full line of measuring tools.  While most companies try to compete against Bosch by releasing a one size fits all solution, Bosch takes a different approach.  Bosch realizes users are different, some people need all the bells and whistles and others need a simple measuring tool. So Bosch created a multiple line of measuring tools which brings us to the GLM 35 and GLM 40.  If you are looking for simple tools to use that...

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