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Milwaukee Radius Light Review

When it comes to lighting in the power tool world, no one comes close to Milwaukee and their large line up lighting products.  A couple years back, Milwaukee saw a huge gap in lighting and decided to jump on board and create some lighting solutions that work great for the contractor.  As time has passed, Milwaukee has not slowed down.  Year after year they continue to set trends and lead the way in the lighting industry.  So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Milwaukee has their new Milwaukee Radius light available for the contractor....

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Skilsaw Outlaw – The Worm Drive for Metal

The worm drive, what can you really say about this type of saw?  The worm drive has been out for nearly a century.  It’s tried and true just like the GM 350 small block engine.  It has taken a beating over the years and is considered, not only a tough saw, but one of the most reliable saws on the market.  In fact, Skilsaw just stuck this motor in a table saw and it’s a beast.  Well now Skilsaw has taken it up a level with the introduction of the Skilsaw Outlaw metal saw. The Skilsaw Outlaw is an...

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Hilti PDC – The Perfect Laser Range Meter

I have to be honest.  I have been sitting in front of this article staring at the screen for the past 10 minutes.  I really have no idea where to begin because I have so much I want to tell you about the Hilti PDC Laser Range Meter.  When I first discovered this tool from Hilti, I knew I had to get my hands on it because I knew it was special and one of a kind.  This is a product the market has needed for years and now it’s finally here.  Before I begin, I just want to give you...

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Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K 36V Rotary Hammer

I am going to save you a whole bunch of time and just tell you up front, the Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K is the best Rotary hammer available.  I know that is taking a big leap forward, but I don’t care because I love this tool.  I look at it this way, why own any other rotary hammer, cordless or corded. The Bosch Bulldog is powered by a 4H-36V battery.  With this, you truly can cut the cord.  So let’s jump in and see why I love this tool so much.  First, it’s Bosch.  Now I am not saying this as...

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Milwaukee Flashlight – M12 LED Performance Light Model 2355-20

If you have been following us or Milwaukee Tool over the last couple of years, you know that they have been hitting the market hard with lighting.  In my opinion, no other tool manufacturer even comes close to Milwaukee’s lighting selection.  A user can tell Milwaukee has put a lot of thought, research, design and implementation into these lights.  I have to say out of all the Milwaukee Lights we have tried, they are all quality lights, all made for abuse and all reliable products.  So today we want to shed some light on the new Milwaukee flashlight model...

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