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WION – Home Control at Your Fingertips

I am going to be honest with you.  I have had this system for a couple of weeks and was dreading setting it up.  I am not too much of a technology geek and really didn’t feel like spending a couple of hours setting it up and learning all about it. However since we wanted to show you this system, I had to take the dive and try it out.  All I can say is it’s one of those items you look at and giggle to yourself and wonder what the big deal was.  From the time I opened...

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Black & Decker Smart Stand XL – Making Christmas Easier

Let me paint you a picture.  We all know that Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time of year.  I am lucky because I have the best wife in the world.  She pretty much does everything.  She shops for all the presents, decorates the house, the tree, bakes and even goes out and buys the tree.  My only responsibility is to cut the bottom of the tree and put it in the stand.  Simple enough, right?  Well as simple as it sounds, for some reason it turns into a pain.  I cut the tree and bring it into the...

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Canary Security Camera Review

I tend to search Amazon and The Home Depot online a lot.  I am not sure why, maybe it’s just a sickness I have.  I tend to find weird and wild things, but I usually don’t post about them.  I try to stay with practical items that could be useful.  However I am making a pretty crazy list of weird things I found online together that I will be putting out in the next month or two.   On The Home Depot online I came across a product called the Canary security camera.  Then it dawned on me, we...

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Black & Decker SmartTech Vacuum

Before you read this article, please throw everything out the window of what your thoughts are on vacuums and sweepers.  You may remember the old Black & Decker Dust Busters.  At the time they were the cats meow and made life easier.  When you had those little clean up jobs and didn’t want to break out the vacuum, you could just grab the Dust Buster and do a quick clean up.  Since then times have changed.  Technology has gotten better and most importantly, battery technology.  We have moved into a new battery era with Lithium-ion battery technology.  With Lithium-ion...

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Ring Doorbell Review

I live in a small town of about 10,000 people.  The houses are close together which makes it perfect for any solicitor to hit house after house.  No joke, I probably get 3 people a week trying to sell me stuff.  The easy answer would be to never answer the door.  However I also get packages delivered and the occasional friend or my mother will stop by unexpectedly and I don’t want to miss those people, so I have to answer the door.  I also live close to a busy street, so I don’t want my packages to stay...

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