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Craftsman Detail Sander – 11647

You may have guessed a detail sander is exactly what the name implies, it is a sander designed for detailed sanding.  Such as in furniture, cabinetry and more.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make detailed sanders, but this review is focusing on the Craftsman Detailed Sander.  This was sent to us from a frequent visitor to our site and someone we have came to know over the years.  Before we get started, if you would like to learn more about sanders, you can visit our sander page. The Craftsman sander, model number 9-11647 comes obviously with the sander, but you also get 24 assorted sandpaper attachments for detail and finishing sanding as well as scrubbing and rust removal.  You also get a small bag to store the sander and sand paper in.  The handle has a nice rubberized grip to help keep control of the sander.  One nice item is the dust sealed on/off switch to help protect the switch.  In the past some companies were not using, and surprisingly some are still not using this dust sealed system.  If you find a sander that doesn’t uses this type of switch, we would suggest staying away as we have seen more and more problems occurring where the switch can be be turned on or off.  The sander orbits at 11,000 OBP, which isn’t too bad for a...

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“Smart Select” Technology By Black & Decker

We were scanning the news world on power tools, (like we always do!!) and we happened to come across a great article by ” News Canada.” They recently wrote about the fact that using power tools can be more of an art than a science when tackling a new project. Most of us never look at the settings of our drill or sander. Instead, we turn it on and just opt for the most power – assuming that will get the job done faster. But more power doesn’t always get the best results, and can cost you more time...

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Autoshift Drills

When it comes to power tools and the clutch system, they are like manual cars, you have to shift gears.  Ryobi and Ridgid have a new system that is manual, and it seems pretty cool.  Both manufacturers offer this autoshift feature in their 18V Lithium line. Here is how it works.  The drill always starts out in high gear (0-1450 rpm).  When the drill senses that it needs high torque, it will automatically shift to the lower gear (0-450).  We haven’t tested one of these drills yet, so we are not sure how quickly the change is.  Our guess is instant.  Once you are done with the application, the drill will automatically reset to high torque. These drills come with a 2 year warranty.  The chuck size is 1/2″ and offers 24 clutch positions.  There is a built in fuel gauge to check your battery life.  These drills pack a lot of torque, coming in at 450 in-lbs.  One nice thing is that you can turn this auto shift on and off, just in case you don’t want to use this feature. If anyone has used one of these new autoshift drills, we would like to see what you have to say about this system....

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Craftsman Combo Kit

  This is a review of the Craftsman Drill/Driver, Work Light, and Charger. This is a great starter kit for the tool enthusiast that is on a budget and wants to buy his/her tools one step at a time, or as he/she needs them. The Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt kit comes with a powerful 3/8 in. Drill/Driver and Worklight. The drill’s Variable Speed Motor (0 – 650 rpm) allows for low speeds when starting holes and high speeds for drilling. This drill has a 24 position clutch that allows the user to match the right power for all the different types of jobs possible. The Ergonomic design of the drill handle gives the user the comfort needed to avoid fatigue. The 19.2-Volt work light has a 180 degree pivoting head to illuminate a large work area.  Other nice features of this drill are the free standing design and push on button that allows for hands free use. When we tested the Craftsman Drill/Driver to write our review, we decided to do it in a low visibility workplace in order to simultaneously test the Worklight that came along with the kit! So what we did was go down into Eric’s basement and drill away. We took a  oak 2×4 and drilled about 45 to 50 screws into it, and had no problems whatsoever. We also used an oak 2×4 to drill multiple holes using a...

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