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Ryobi Inflator – 18V Power Inflator

The green machine, the Ryobi Inflator.  Just another tool in their 50+ 18V tool platform.  Well I really shouldn’t say “Just another Tool” because it’s not just another tool.  Ryobi has a ton of tools in their 18V line up and Ryobi doesn’t just put out tools to put them out.  Their 18V line is awesome for the homeowner and smaller contractors.  Ryobi tools are designed for the homeowner and that is their niche market.  The one thing I can say about Ryobi is that no other brand compares to them in the homeowner market.  Ryobi has it’s place...

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Keter Tool Box

Keter is one of those companies that will surprise you.  I know they have.  We have checked out some other work benches, storage boxes and more.  Each time we were pretty amazed at the design quality that can go into plastic items.  Not only were they designed well, but they were strong and durable.  They recently asked us to take a look at their new Tool Box.  The tool Box is a 22″ tool box, so let’s jump into the Keter Tool Box. Now Dan wasn’t a huge fan of the box, but I think he missed the point...

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Ryobi Table Saw Review

If you have ever been to The Home Depot, I am sure you have visited the tool aisle and seen the green colored tools. Ryobi tools are a huge part of the tool department at the store and for a very good reason.  Ryobi is designed for the homeowner.  While the tools are inexpensive, they pack a powerful punch.  Ryobi offers many of the same options you find with the professional tools, but for a fraction of the cost.  We have received a lot of emails about the Ryobi table saw, model RTS21G, so we figured we would get...

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Ryobi Drill Press

This was a tool that I have long been wanting to get.  However I don’t use it on a daily basis and really don’t have room in my shop for one.  So after a ton of emails from the crew and wanting one, we decided to try one out.  We went with the Ryobi Drill Press for a couple of reasons.  First, this is a table top drill press, the price point is low being only $130 and seemed like a good homeowner option.  Speaking of homeowner option, if you are really into woodworking and will be using a...

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Ryobi Band Saw

As you know Ryobi has a ton of tools available.  Not only do they have a huge 18v platform, but they also have some other corded tools that are perfect for the home owner.  Today we are going over the Ryobi Band Saw.  If you are into woodworking and need a nice little band saw, this might just be what you are looking for. Now before I get started talking about this saw, let me just get one thing straight.  If you are a dedicated woodworker, this isn’t the saw for you.  Even if you are getting into woodworking and...

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