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Milwaukee Mobile Work Station 48-22-8560

Wow, do I feel like a broken record.  I feel that everything I am writing is about Milwaukee Tool.  Well I guess that is a great thing for them as it shows they have been releasing tools and there is interest from the end user.  So what do we have today?  Surprise, surprise another storage solution.  We first learned about Milwaukee’s tool chest two years ago at the media event.  When we finally got our hands on the first Milwaukee tool chest, we knew things have changed in the world in regards to storage.  They created a top of...

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Milwaukee Inspection Camera – M12 M-Spector Flex 2317

You probably know that Milwaukee Tool has a couple different inspection cameras available.  In fact we reviewed the 2314 back in 2014.  The 2314 is a great camera and for the price, it’s hard to beat.  An inspection camera is good for all most any professional tradesman.  It’s useful for plumbers, inspectors, electricians, HVAC and the list goes on.  However for a camera to be truly useful, you need a quality camera, that has a great image so you know what you are looking at and it has to be easy to move around in tight areas.  So that...

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And the Winner is

As you know, we always have a massive giveaway at the end of every year and this year isn’t any different.  This year we are giving away 63 different products.  Here are some of the items in the giveaway this year and would like to thank the manufacturers for providing and helping out with the giveaways. Bosch REAXX Saw Southwire Jobsite Box Milwaukee Jobsite Speaker Dewalt Sander Kobalt 24V Drill Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Ego Snow Blower Klein Tools Southwire Volt Tester We are doing something a little different this year.  In the past, we always told you what you...

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Keter Storage Cabinets

Keter is a company who deals with plastic and creates cool products out of plastic.  If you are new to the name Keter, you might not think that much.  After all how tough is plastic?  We have all had plastic products where they are cheaply made and break.  However, Keter is different.  They don’t make junk.  All of the products we have tried from Keter have been awesome.  From their outdoor box to their workbench, all have surprised us.  There are two reasons that Keter is different.  First, they don’t go cheap on plastic.  Their products are not a cheap...

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Makita Cordless Fan Model DCF300Z

Makita has one of the largest lines of 18V power tools available for the professionals.  Lately, we have been testing and using more and more Makita tools.  The more I use them, the more I see why the professionals are buying them up.  They are quality tools that are made to take the abuse of the job site.  The tools are smooth and make any job easier.  Over the last year we have tested and shown off a ton of fans.  Time and time again, we received emails and shout outs about testing the Makita cordless fan.  The people we...

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Empire Levels – True Blue

In today’s market place you can spend a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred dollars on a level.  Both have their pros and cons to each, but what we really need is a level in between.  We need a level that can take a beating, but still stays true and accurate.  With that said, we can narrow down the field, which brings me to one option, the Empire Levels.  Empire Levels have been around since 1919, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing.  Last year, Milwaukee Tool bought them, which means they now have...

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Ridgid 18V Router – Brushless Compact Router R86044B

A router is one of my favorite tools.  A router can turn any woodworking project into a master piece, it’s like the icing on a cake.  Considering there are hundreds of bits on the market, you can finish off your master piece with pretty much any design.  However, in order to create these beautiful finishing touches, you need a solid router.  I have always been a fan of Porter Cable routers for my big boy routers.  When it comes to compact or trim routers, I have fallen in love with the Bosch.  Now as good as these routers are, I...

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Bosch Laser Review – Self Leveling Cross Line Laser GCL 2-160

Yes, another laser from Bosch.  One thing I can say about Bosch is that their laser division is jamming with new and innovative lasers.  I feel like we have tested every single Bosch laser they offer.  With all these lasers we have tested, they all have one common theme, quality.  All these lasers seem to be top quality with incredible accuracy, obviously, these two attributes are the most important with any laser.  Yes, there are other companies who make lasers, but in my personal opinion, no one comes close to Bosch lasers.  When we heard Bosch was releasing a...

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Milwaukee Sawzall One-Key – M18 Fuel Reciprocating Saw 2721

Not too long ago Milwaukee announced their new One-Key solution system for the contractor.  Since this launch I have read a ton about it, while I see a lot of positive reviews there are some who don’t see the benefit in the One-Key.  Now if you are not familiar with One-Key, the One-Key is a way for the user to set up their tools for their work.  A user can match the tool to their application  When a manufacturer designs a tool, they have to give it a balance between speed and torque.  However, some users may want the...

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Win a Milwaukee M18 Surge Impact Driver

How would you like to win a Hydraulic Impact Driver?  One lucky winner can walk away with the new Milwaukee Surge Hydraulic impact driver.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with a hydraulic impact driver, this is a newer system to the cordless world that still provides plenty of power, but you don’t get that loud noise.  You can check it out and learn more over at the Milwaukee Surge Page. So how do you win this bad boy?  Easy, just head over to the Power Tool Forum and start engaging.  If you are new to the forum, go ahead...

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