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Milwaukee M12 3 Ah and 6 Ah battery

Winter is here and we know how cold it can get on the jobsite or just hanging out.  As you know Milwaukee has a ton of heated jackets to choose from.  While I like them all, my favorite is the Camo jackets.  Speaking of heated jackets, you have to use a Milwaukee M12 to power the jacket in order to produce heat.  We have been getting emails about when Milwaukee will be coming out with their 3Ah battery for longer run time for the jackets.  So I decided to create a post about this since the Milwaukee 3Ah battery...

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Tech Gift Guide Edition

Today we have part four, our final day of gift guides.  In case you have missed the other guides, we have created a Power Tool Gift Guide, A Guy’s Gift Guide, and a Dad’s Gift Guide.  Today we will be focusing on a Tech Gift Guide.  As we noted in the other guides, we are not paid for these guides.  While we do make some money on affiliate links, we haven’t been paid by a manufacturer or marketing agency.  These are just some cool gift ideas we think you might like for yourself or someone else.  We know everyone has...

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Guy’s Gift Guide Edition

This is part 2 of our gift guide.  Today we are going to focus on a Guy’s Gift Guide Edition.  Yesterday we took some of our favorite tool products and created a Tool Gift Guide Edition.  So today we thought we would focus on Guy’s stuff.  While we know everyone loves power tools, we also know people like other cool products that aren’t always associated with power tools. We know everyone has different budgets, so when we created this gift guide, we tried to include a wide variety of gift ideas for everyone’s budget.  So let’s jump in and see...

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Dad’s Gift Guide Edition

Today is our third day for gift guides and we will be focusing on cool gift ideas for dads.  We have already created a gift guide for power tools and a guy’s gift guide.  We know a ton of our readers are dad’s, so we didn’t want to forget about you.  Now keep in mind, when I created the Dad’s Gift Guide Edition, I am also a dad of two boys.  So if you have a daughter or daughters, your gift ideas might be a little different.  We know everyone has different budgets, so when we created this gift guide,...

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Tool Gift Guide Edition

It’s that time of year where we come out with gift guides for the holiday season.  We are not alone with these gift guides as a bunch of publications across the internet release different gift guides.  As you know, some gift guides are paid sponsorships by a manufacturer or marketing agency.  While it’s a way to make some extra money for the publication, there is a slight problem. Everyone makes out except you, the readers.  Our gift guides are not paid.  While we do make money on affiliates for some of the products, these are all products we think...

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Win a Bosch REAXX Table Saw

How would you like to win a brand new Bosch Table Saw?  Right, that is a dumb question.  Who wouldn’t want to win one of the best table saws on the market?  Recently Bosch introduced a brand new table saw called the REAXX.  The REAXX is one of the safest table saws on the market and can help you keep all ten of your digits. Let’s say you’re ripping a board and your finger accidentally hits the blade.  In the old days, you would have to find your finger, put it on ice and take a long trip to the emergency room.  With...

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Bosch Green Laser Review – Cross Line Laser GLL 100 G

When it comes to lasers, Bosch is hard to beat. They have been in this game for a long time and have experience with creating lasers. Now I am not saying I don’t trust other companies when it comes to lasers, but when you look at Bosch, it’s hard not to pick them as your top choice. They have a huge line of LDMs, levels, and laser. When you see a company get this involved in measurement tools, you can see they want to dominate. In order to dominate, you not only have to be innovative, but you have...

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Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review

Are you a plumber or someone who needs to transfer water, quickly and without a cord?  If so you may be happy to hear about the Milwaukee transfer pump.  As you know Milwaukee has a huge line of power tools.  Their 18V line is one of the biggest on the market and I don’t see them slowing down.  When Milwaukee makes tools, it’s not always about how many we can sell.  Instead, it’s about what problem is the professional having and how can we solve it.  Even if it’s a small niche market, Milwaukee isn’t afraid to try something...

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Vote Now Before It’s Too Late – User Choice Awards

Would you like to get your voice heard?  Now is your time to vote for your favorite tools of 2016.  Each and every year we come out with our own awards, TIA Awards.  While we will still have these awards, we thought it would be cool if everyone else can have their input.  After all, Tools in Action is about the community.  We want to hear your input. We created a very in-depth survey where you can vote on a wide variety of tools and what you think is the best.  We tried to include as many categories and...

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The Winner is

Every month we are giving away one tool and you could be the lucky winner.  Last month, we gave away a Milwaukee One-Key light and would like to thank Milwaukee for providing this awesome giveaway.  So who won?  BMack37 of the power tool forum.  This month we are giving away a Bosch Oscillating tool and you could be the lucky winner.  In order to win, you have to be part of the forum.  The best part, the users decide each month the winner.  Head over there today, sign up and start being part of the TIA...

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