Author: Eric Jopp

Win a Bosch 18V Work Light Model GLI18V-1900N

Now is your chance to win a Bosch GLI18V-1900N work light.  You can check out the work light on Bosch’s Website. So how do you win?  Winning is easy.  All you have to do is be part of the Power Tool Forum.  Here’s what’s cool about it, the Crew gets to pick the winner of this light.   If you are already part of the forum, go over and vote.  If not, sign up and vote, you could be the next winner.  Either way, you get to be a part of a great...

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Milwaukee Tool Long Tapes

Milwaukee has had tape measures out for a couple of years, so measuring isn’t new to Milwaukee. However, they recently came out with some long tapes which I know people have been waiting for.  It’s great to have a nice tape measure, but there are times when we just need to measure something in great length where an LDM might not be a fit.  So Milwaukee came out with a couple new long tapes, the Milwaukee 100Ft Closed Reel Long Tape 48-22-5101 and the Milwaukee 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape48-22-5201. Milwaukee Tool 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape 48-22-5201 For most of...

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Ryobi Light P727 Workbench Light

The more and more I get my hands on Ryobi, the more I am loving this brand.  For me, it’s amazing how many tools they have in their 18V lineup.  Not only do they have a ton of tools, but they are quality tools that won’t break the bank.  We have never had any issues with their tools or batteries.  For the homeowner, I really don’t think there is a better option than Ryobi.  As a homeowner, why would you want to spend $200 on a drill when you could buy a Ryobi for a 3rd of the cost?...

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Milwaukee Torpedo Levels

Milwaukee recently came out with two new levels, the Compact Torpedo Level 48-22-5107 and the 10″ Diecast Torpedo Level with 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5210.  I am not going to get into depth on them because, well, they are levels and there is not a whole lot to them.  However, there are some things I wanted to let you know about them and why they might need to be in your tool arsenal.   For the Compact Torpedo, there were two things that caught my attention right away.  First, was the weight.  Not that it weighs a ton, but you can...

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Ryobi Workshop Light P781

Ryobi has a ton of tools for their popular 18V lineup.  You can buy them right at your local Home Depot store.  They have a great warranty and they make quality products for their price range.  I have a bunch of Ryobi tools that I love including the Ryobi Garage Door Opener, Bench Sander, cordless sander, fan and my most used tool, the Ryobi inflator.  I think for the price, the lineup and the quality, are tough to beat.  So when I found out that Ryobi had a light, I had to give it a shot.  The light is...

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Win a Milwaukee

Don’t forget we are giving away an awesome Milwaukee Surge this month to one lucky power tool forum user.  Don’t worry, if you aren’t on the forum yet, you can still be part of an awesome group and have your chance to win a cool new tool every single month.  You can check out the Power Tool Forum Here. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the Milwaukee Surge, you can check it out and learn more about this awesome new impact from Milwaukee...

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Ring Doorbell Pro – The Home Depot

Aaahhh, the Ring Doorbell.  We have all seen the commercial or know someone who has one.  However if you are not familiar with this system, it’s pretty cool.  It’s basically caller ID for the doorbell.  Remember the days you just had to pick up your phone and never knew who was on the other line?  It always seemed to be a sales person.  Then caller ID came out and our lives and time were saved.  Well the Ring doorbell is exactly the same, but with a twist.  Once someone rings your doorbell, you don’t have to guess who is...

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Increase your iPhone Storage

A couple of months ago we showed you the Olala iDisk storage solution.  Well, now they have another version available that is smaller.  We wanted to tell you about.  If you are not familiar with Olala and how they work, let me give you a quick run down.  As you know your iPhone only has so much storage and it get’s eaten up very quickly with pictures and apps.  Yes, you can use online storage, but there are a couple issues with online storage.  First, you must have some sort of internet access to use online storage.  Second, it can eat away...

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Loftek LED Floodlight – 50W RGB Timing LED Security Floodlight

Over the past couple of years, we have done a couple wild lighting products.  We have shown you the Cube and the wireless LED color light bulb.  As a side note, we still use the cube all the time.  It’s great around the holidays or just chilling out.  So today, we thought we would show you another lighting product that is also on Amazon.  Today we are talking about the Loftek LED Floodlight. This isn’t just any floodlight, it’s a floodlight you can control the colors with a remote. So what makes this floodlight so special?  Simple, it’s a...

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Kobalt Compressor Review – Twin Stack Quiet Tech Electric Compressor

Looking around at today’s market, you start to wonder who doesn’t make a compressor?  Where ever you look, some manufacturer has a portable compressor ready for someone to buy it up.  Over the years we have seen a ton of different compressors.  For the professional, we love Rolair compressors.  They are tough, quiet and produce a heck of a lot of power for their size.  Since these are made for the professional, they are built to last the abuse of a job site, something a homeowner will never put a compressor through.  So if you are a homeowner, why...

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