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Skil Worm Drive Saw Power Tool Review

Specifications– Skilsaw Worm Drive Amps – 13.0 Volts – 120 RPM (No Load) – 4,300 Cord Length – 8 Ft. Other Features Carrying Case D Handle Anti Kick Back Design Oil Pressure relief bellow   What do you think of when you think of bandages? Band Aid. You don’t ask someone for a tissue, you ask them for Kleenex. Well the Skilsaw is the same way. You don’t ask someone for the circular saw, you ask for the Skilsaw, no matter what brand you are thinking of. The reason is simple, Skil makes one of the best worm drives available. In this review we tested an older model called the Skilsaw Professional. Skil makes a newer model that has a magnesium case. This makes the tool lighter. A worm drive is different than an in-line saw. We have an article that talks about the differences. A worm drive is a true professional circular saw, lots of power. Skil, which is owned by Bosch, has one of the most well know types of work drives on the market called the Skilsaw. The Skilsaw we tested is one incredible saw. Before we tested the saw, we went to a job site where it was going to get a lot of use cutting 1″ sheets of plywood for concrete pouring. On the 3rd floor they were cutting Maple and Oak pillar sides, so...

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Sawstop – A new breed of table saws

Sawstop is exactly that, a table saw with a nifty safety option. How it works is when your finger or body part comes into contact with the blade (two teeth), the blade automatically stops and drops into the table. Basically its a professional table saw with a 1.7 5 hp motor.   It has everything a traditional table saw has including an aluminium fence and cast Iron table.  The difference with this saw is its safety feature.  The Sawstop has an electronic electric system that monitors changes.  This system recognizes the electrical changes from a human to a piece of wood.  If it detects a change in an electric status, a brake is applied and the blade drops into the table in milliseconds.  You can read about this table saw here. This is a pretty cool safety feature that we are sure will catch on.  But don’t let it fool you, you still need to be careful because kick backs can happen or lose clothing can get caught in the...

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Power Tool Questions

Power tools are complicated, they are not cut and dry purchases like many other consumer products.  Before you buy a power tool, you need to ask yourself some questions, such as what will this power tool be used for, how often will it be used, what type of power do I need, what options do I need, and a whole range of other power tool questions. Take time to ask questions about power tools.  Find out about other user s’ experiences.  Ask your friends, your nieghbors, and other people who might be qualified.  A little bit of research now to answer all your power tool questions can save you time and frustration down the road.  Another great place to find answers to your power tool questions is in forums, such as our forum.  Here you can ask specific questions to other users and get quality feedback.  A forum is a great starting point for your questions.  Another area you will want to investigate is power tool reviews.  Once you find the type of tool you need, the next step is to research which manufacturer makes the best quality model for that type of power tool.  Read as many reviews as possible in order to get a better understanding.  You can look through our growing list of power tool reviews.  You can also email us.  We have a lot of reviews done, but not published yet! Blogs are another...

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New Power Tool Video – Youtube

We started our online videos today.  Soon you will be able to see our power tool reviews in action.  We will still have a written article about each review, but the videos will allow us to show more in depth reviews of each power tool. We will also have other power tool videos of interest and always let us know if you find a good video to include.  You can see all our power tool video reviews at YouTube....

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Dewalts New Self Leveling Rotary Lasers – DW074, DW079, DW078

Dewalt announced three new self-leveling lasers for interior (DW074, DW079) and exterior use (DW078).  Dewalt’s new lasers are built  more durable with a covered rotary head case.  The head cage uses thin struts which increases durability, but reduces blind spots.  The outdoor lasers have a protective water resistant battery cover. The DW078 and DW079 are designed with an automatic horizontal self-leveling system that provides accuracy at plus or minus 1/8” per 100’.  The DW074 is designed with an automatic horizontal self-leveling system that provides accuracy at plus or minus 1/4” per 100’.  One nice feature is the laser will automatically turn itself off if it is no longer level.  At one point in time, we have all been working on a job site when something caused our laser to go out of level, (we are to busy in our work to do the right thing and constantly recheck the level accuracy), only to realize a little while later, things just don’t look right. The DW078 and DW079 are powered by DEWALT 9.6V – 18V batteries that provide 30 hours of run time. The DW074 is powered by 2 “D” cells that provide more than 50 hours of run-time....

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Hilti DS-HS V2 Hand Held Gas Saw

Back in April, 08 Hilti released its DS-HS V2 hand held gas saw.  While we haven’t tested this saw, we have received feedback from a couple of friends on Fire Departments  who have used the new Hilti Saw.  The fire departments are regular users of the Partner K-12 saw, so I was surprised when my friends told me their department switched to the Hilti V2 saw. The Hilti V2 has a new carburetor for increased acceleration.  The saw has a narrow body and the motor is taller which provides a better balance.  This saw reduces the vibration compared to older models.  The start system is redesigned and it has a cooler running motor.  Once nice feature is the reversible steel flanges which allows additional blades without having a different arbor. All in all, they were extremely satisfied with this saw.  They loved the balance  and ease of starting.  The most important item was the starting.  The saw always started with one pull and that’s very important when your on a roof for ventilation and you have a fire...

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Leatherman – Worth the Price?

We have received a lot of emails over the past couple of months about Leatherman tools.  I am not sure if an article came out that is stirring up all the interest or what the reason is.  Anyway, a lot of people are wondering how good these tools are and if they are really worth the price.  As a power tool advocate and POC firefighter, I think without a doubt a Leatherman tool is worth the price.  Leatherman’s are the “Swiss Army knife” of the hand tools.  Almost everyone on the department has one of these tools. They are used for punching out windows in auto accidents...

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