Author: Dan Maxey

FLIR DM284 – More than just a multimeter

A multimeter has a ton of uses and everyone should have one.  They allow you to diagnose almost any electrical problem.  FLIR the leader in thermal imaging wanted to make the multimeter even better.  They added what is called IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement).  Not only did it make the multimeter better, but it opened up a whole new world of troubleshooting features.  Now you can see the problem in an instant then directly probe that area saving time which saves money.  The thermal imager can also see moisture, it usually shows up as a dark blue on most applications.  This...

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Quadsaw – Making Square Holes a Reality

Why is the earth round?  Why are tires round? Even drill bits are round!  I am sick of the round, it’s time for a square revolution.  Are you with me?  Luckily the Quadsaw is available for all of us who want to escape the normal round hole. From what I can see the Quadsaw connects to any drill and uses 4 oscillating blades to cut a perfect square or rectangle.  The handle telescopes down to provide stability when cutting.  The price tag of this beast hovers around the $250 mark and you can only cut through plaster or drywall...

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PJ Trailers Blacked Out Friday Sale

I don’t know what it is about trailers, but I just love them.  Dumps, utilities, car haulers you name it! Personally I have always used PJ trailers because of their quality and knowledgeable dealer network.  Currently they have a killer sale going on for black Friday available through select dealers.  They call it their blacked out sale. You can get a 6′ x 12′ utility trailer for $1299, a tandem axle 102″ x 20′ buggy hauler for $2999 and even a tandem 5′ x 10′ dump trailer for $3499.  You will need to add tax, license and title. These...

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Bernzomatic TS8000KC Torch Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is getting close so when you can get Black Friday prices early it’s always a good thing.  The Home Depot has the Bernzomatic TS8000KC Premium Torch Kit on sale for $39.97, this sale will end soon so hurry!  This Pro kit comes with the TS8000 torch which is one of the best we have tested.  Simply turn the dial, click and the torch ignites, it’s a one hand operation.  No fumbling around, it just works. The torch is made of cast aluminum which makes it durable on the job site. Bernzomatic covers this torch with a limited...

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Ventrac 4500Z – The Perfect Tractor

A tractor is like a best friend – always there to help you and never let you down, so buying a tractor is a big decision.  They cost as much as a car and are expected to last nearly a lifetime.  I have spent a few years looking for the perfect tractor for my yard, which is just shy of an acre.  My eyes have been focused on major brands such as John Deere and Kubota.  They both offer great traditional tractors.  Earlier this year, a company called Ventrac reached out to us and invited us to Orrville, Ohio...

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FIRMAN Generators – Storm Ready

A generator has many uses and applications, one of which is an emergency backup.  Being a backup it must be reliable and always work.  FIRMAN may not be known as a major brand in the USA, but they have been producing OEM generator parts and equipment for over a decade.  Recently we had a chance to check out the FIRMAN 3650 Generator with Remote Start model number P03603.   The unit boasts a 14 hour run time on 5 gallons of gas.  It puts out 3650 Watts with 4550 starting Watts. The unit had plenty of power to run...

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Klein Tools is Searching for the Electrician of the Year – Is it You?

It’s that time of year again when Klein tools searches for their electrician of the year.  Last year they gave away a custom aluminum FORD F150.  This year they are giving away a tool package worth over $25,000 dollars. You get $2,500 worth of tools a year for 10 years!  You will always have the latest and greatest!  Fans will also get to vote in their pick for 6 regional winners.  We like Klein tools because they make a lot of tools right here in the USA and have some of the best quality tools you can get.  For...

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DeWalt Android Phone – MD501

It looks like DeWALT has released an Android mobile phone in the United Kingdom. Does that mean it is coming here? We do not know, but it is very cool. It runs Android 5.1 Lolipop and is capable of 4G. It has two cameras, a 13 MP rear facing camera and a 5 MP front facing camera for those times where you want a selfie while you hanging off the 50th floor of the building you are working on. It also has some neat features like wireless charging, so you have no cords to deal with. It is IP68...

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Amazon Tool Deals

Today Amazon has some pretty cool deals on tools for Fathers Day. So if you have been waiting for the right time to snap up that Dewalt, Makita or Bosch tool you will get $20 off. They have a lot more deals also. Check it out on Amazon...

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