All contributors to our site use tools in varying degrees. That’s what makes our site so interesting. You get input from novices all the way to Professionals!  Our goal is to offer objective information and insight on the latest new tools and products, along with the vast array of existing brands. Our Reviews are honest and real.

About Us

Eric – Eric is an Editor and Co-Founder of Tools in Action.  He started his career working for a large construction company as a laborer.  After graduating from DePaul University, he entered into the financial industry.  He left the financial industry after eight years, no one really knows what he does.  Eric’s number one favorite activity is spending time with his wife and two children.


Dan – Dan is a Super Duper Senior Editor and Co-Founder.  He was born in the UK and came to the USA when he was 7 years old. Dan met Eric shortly after, and as they say, the rest was history – unfortunately for Eric, they have been friends every since.

Dan has a diverse career background, having “worked” in the auto and airline industries.  In 2000 Dan started a pretend media company, which he still runs today. He is a self-proclaimed shopaholic and geek (as seen in his reviews of every Tools in Action product). Dan has a vast range of hobbies including UTV’s and remote control vehicles. This wide array of interests comes in handy when Dan and Eric review products together, and usually produces a laugh or two or will make you fall asleep.

Travis – Travis (Conductor562 on the Forums) is a Contributing Editor and Forum Administrator for Tools In Action.  He is an avid DIY’er and enjoys woodworking, restorations, and fixing whatever it is that’s broken. While he enjoys all tools, he focuses primarily on hand tools. When he’s not at work he can be found in his home shop working on something with lots of help from his 5 year old little boy Evan (aka Conductor Jr.).